This Page contain a list of software tools, web apps and gadgets (or hardware) that I use here at Linkstoweb to get things done. Here Tools can be classified as two parts - 'Software and web tools' And 'Hardware Tools'. 

What software and web tools are using for Linkstoweb?

I mostly use Windows Live Writer for publishing my blog. My favorite text editor is Notepad++ while Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is my tool of choice for web design.
I read my feeds  Mostly in GoogleReader and on NewsSquares while all my web clippings and online notes are stored in Evernote. 

Images in Linkstoweb

I use SnagIt for capturing screenshots of software programs and edit them inside or Pixlr Online Image editor.I prefer using this two tools for most of the images in Linkstoweb because this will save lots of my Hard Disk space than using a huge Photoshop Program and it has almost all function which Adobe Photoshop software. 

Videos on Linkstoweb

The screencasts, or movies of computer screen, are mostly recorded using Camtasia Studio. Most of the video are embalmed on Youtube.

This   Page is frequently updated as i find and use for this Blog. Visit our Changelog Page for bug fixes and improvements that were made to Linkstoweb.