Vishnu Aniyan
Vishnu, is a young Blogger and Computer Science Student, currently living in Kerala, India.He is a tech hound by choice and a writer by passion who is always on the lookout for the next cool thing when it comes to technology, freeware, and web apps.

Vishnu is also a Webpage designer with programming knowledge and is responsible for the design and structure of this blog.

He loves to write about tools that help him hack through life and attain simplicity. Once versed with the knowledge, He loves sharing his experiences and experiments with the world.

He is a casual blogger, who used to blog as a hobby for a few years (since 2008). Technology has been one of his passions and is one of the reason why he started Linkstoweb - where he started blogging with considerable amount of seriousness.

Linkstoweb was started on the month of July 2011, as an ambitious project of Vishnu - on the popular blogger platform. According to stats, Linkstoweb is on its way to becoming a popular technology blog, with lots of great potential.

Also feel free to connect with him on Twitter