MissileCommandLet's have some fun, It’s some awesome “easter eggs” again from YouTube. This time there is not 1 not 2 , 3 fun easter eggs deployed by YouTube as part of Geek Week (More See Update bellow), And I have all covered for you here at LinksToWeb.
I don’t know how long any of these will remain live on YouTube,  For example, Google Search old easter eggs “‘Let it Snow” which was used to make snow falling on the Google Search results seems not working now!

so give them a try now before they’re gone.
let’s Start.,

#1. Missile Command:
To play Missile Command (It’s a game See the gif image or Video to know more) on YouTube, just type 1980 while your watching a video.
 (Remember not in the search bar!)

Then, whammo, it's time to save the world from a deadly threat, for great justice. But if you fail, your YouTube video will stop. The stakes have never been higher! OK so maybe not really but who cares! Missile Command!

Don’t brake your Player glassWinking smile

#2. My Little Pony
Looking for something less stressful? Just search for ‘ponies‘ or ‘bronies.’ If nothing happens right away, just give it a few seconds.   cute isn't it ?

ponies on YouTube

#3. Space
Star Trek and Star Wars fans will be happy to hear they weren’t forgotten, either. Just type in ‘use the force luke (Click on the link to directly open it) or ‘beam me up scotty to get “Jedi-style control over the page elements” (that’s what Google called it) and see videos load Star Trek-style.

Thanks: Techcrunch
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While I am not aware of all the tricks YouTube is pulling, Have you tried doing a search on the social network for "/ GeekWeek" If you do, you’ll see that the search results page is converted into a fake programming and ASCII layout.

Other easter eggs have started to appear since Geek Week began on Sunday is search for “Fibonacci” you will see the results page appear as a series of tiles showing up one at a time in a Fibonacci tiling.
And there is more coming every day , The best way to find all is to follow the ‪#GeekWeek‬ hashtag on Twitter for clues.

Did you like the new easter eggs from YouTube Which one is your favorite ? Do comment.