Today I will be sharing a Chrome app that allows you to work with your Gmail mailbox even if you don't have an Internet connection.
Gmail-OfflineGmail Offline, an extension by Google, makes it possible to use Gmail without an Internet connection. When you are offline,
it allows you to read your mail and write replies in an Outbox where messages are saved, and then sent as soon as you're connected. Which I say is the best method to be in a productive mode.  And that not all,  here are some of the best things that I liked about this extension.

Pros of "Gmail Offline"

♦ Works with intermittent connectivity
Remember Outlook (Not the outlook.com) which we use for managing emails , this “Gmail offline app” also works some what in the same manner, Allowing mail to be read, responded to, searched and archived without network access. i think it is a must for Businessmen  ,freelancers ,or even for Students who get going by using Gmail.
♦ A fresh new look for Gmail
Gmail Offline clean interface
This is also useful to those who do not like the interface of gmail.com as an alternative Gmail interface.It will put you in a completely different face on Gmail, making it more similar to the tablet version used on Android tablets. Even if you're working while connected, you may appreciate "Gmail Offline" clean, uncluttered looks.

It features a dual-pane interface, where you can toggle the left pane to show either messages or labels. The right side shows the current thread, so you can quickly move between email conversations. This split view is now available on Gmail's regular Web interface, but the aesthetic is completely different. Whereas the regular Gmail is flat and minimalistic, the Offline version is much more colorful, with subtle gradients and large, chunky buttons.

Gmail tabs in offline appUpdate: Gmail’s new tab layout has also implemented by Gmail in there offline app.
There are three default tabs: Primary, Social and Promotions (shown below).
If you haven’t already received this update on Gmail, it will likely come soon.

♦ Fast response time
provides extremely fast response time with a pure, email focused experience. When I tried both-  App and gmail.com on a slow net connection believe it or not I got fast response from the “Gmail offline app” than in the web interface.
♦ Supports multiple accounts.
multiple accounts on gmail offline

You may have multiple Gmail account, on for your one for your business and one for your personal use .  In my case I use one Gmail App email and one for my personal use.
Just by clicking on the your email id bellow you can add multiple Gmail account to the Gmail offline app,
And switching between them ids one click away.

♦ Use of keyboard shortcuts
The regular version of Gmail supports far more shortcuts, but many of the essentials are here, too: You can compose a new message, reply, forward, archive, and more
you can find most useful keyboard shortcut here 
Also see:
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♦ Add App shortcut in your system
you can also add offline Gmail Which will make running it just like any other software in your computer. allowing you to add shortcut to your desktop, Start menu, and also on it can be pin to taskbar.  Although this is common to all chrome app you will find it much useful when using a offline app.
Creating gmail offline sortcut

Here is a bonus tip for you :
keybord shortcut for gmail offlineIf you add a desktop shortcut you can open the App it by pressing keyboard shortcut. To configure keyboard shortcuts just right click and chose property . You will see the keyboard shortcut textbox click on it and press any key or key combination that you wish to set.
No built-in chat client (because it's supposed to work offline)
There are not much big cons we will find with this , The only thing i find is missing of chat option.

Overall, it’s an excellent addition to the regular Gmail client, and a new way to approach using a tool you probably use every day.

Did you try Gmail Offline chrome app ? Did you like it ? do give your valuable comments.

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