How to get more twitter followers? This is one of the questions that lot of my friends ask me -especially friends who has just started to explore the new world of twitter.


Is there is any Twitter user who don’t want more followers?  


In this blog post, I will discussing 15 Steps that you need to follow, to get more followers.  As a matter of fact i am planning to start all new series on this topic.

So you can expect more useful content coming here regarding “Managing Your Twitter Profile”. Like our first blogging series Make web reading better.


The power of Twitter is greatly impacted by the extent of your reach, and that means the number of followers you have.

Few people argue that numbers are don’t important they are only concerned with Quality followers, Yes it is true that Quality twitter followers can only brings more engagement. Then why do you want more Twitter followers ?

3 reasons you might want more Twitter followers

  • Reason #1: More followers extend your influence. – Twitter makes it very easy to spread your ideas, The larger your followers the faster it spreads.
  • Reason #2: More followers provide social authority. –Like any ranking system the higher the follower account the more people assume that you are an expert. And that may not valid but that’s the way works in a world where there is a rank system for every thing.
  • Reason #3: More followers lead to more sales  -It’s as simple as that

So, here are twelve steps you can take now to legitimately gain more Twitter followers:

Optimize your Profile

  1. Show your Face. Make Shure that you upload a photo in your twitter profile. It is the most important thing you need to do. Why ?  Do you follow any one without a photo? Because of the absence of photo tells that person is a spammer or total newbie. 
  2. Create an interesting bio. Don’t ever leave Twitter Bio blank. It is one of the First thing that potential followers review , You only have 160 characters to sum up who you are, what you do, why someone should follow you, or what they can expect your tweets to consist of. Make sure that users who view your bio understand what niche you’re targeting. Use keywords in your bio whenever possible. You can optimize your Twitter profile for search in the same way you optimize a web page. Think of your name as the title and your bio as a Meta description. Just like in SEO, exact match domains will do better than unrelated hyperlinks.
  3. Use a custom About page. Your twitter bio can only include about 160 characters and it is not much room to tell your story or Introduce to people all you  offer ,So instead create a custom about page on your blog and link it your Twitter bio. I have done it on my Twitter Bio.
  4. Take a look at your Twitter Profile page  Most of the interaction on Twitter takes place in a user’s feed, but prior to following the majority of users will check out your profile page.
  5. Create a custom background for your page – this is the perfect place to include your business logo. When it comes to profile design pay attention to your color scheme and placement of background elements. As for the header and background image they can represent your company.Image 1
    Make your Twitter presence visible
  6. Make it easy for people to follow you: Display links to your Twitter Account In your Email signature, On Your website, On Facebook, Business cards, If you are a public speaker Use it in on your slid – In Short “use it every ware”. It helps users trust in your identity, which is more important than you think on the Internet.
  7. Share valuable content: This is probably my most important price of advice. people need and want resources.. What why they following you. Point people to it, be generous, Inspire, Use lot’s of links And create content that other people look for And Wand to pas to there followers, And this is the key to getting ReTweets.
  8. Help people: Twitter is not just about sharing what you do during the day or what you are eating. It’s a community… a social network… so treat it like one. Participate in the community by helping other people out.

    Search for tweets related to your industry and answer any questions people have. A good example of this is if I search for “Social Media” on Twitter, and answer questions for anyone who has them.

  9. Post frequently: but don’t flood your followers. I love to Share the gem's that I find, But Share that all in the one time will lead to overwhelm my followers And people will start to unfollow me. It is best to post in a predefined schedule and get the optimum results. You can then take that data and use tools like Hootsuite to schedule out your tweets so that you maximize your reach.
  10. Keep your posts short enough to Retweet: It is the only way really to notice by people who don’t follow you. You have to makes it easy for your followers to retweet your tweet. keep your tweet short enough for people to add the RT @ and Your User name. So for my case it would bee RT @linkstoweb     - For me it takes 14 characters. Do the math on our own username , RT @your username  How many character it is including Space. And minus that with 140 character which is the maximum twitter allows my own tweets can no longer than 126 characters long.  And it makes so much easer to people to retweet you.
  11. Reply to others publicly: Don’t always DM your Tweeter followers, it is less Sociable. It is better to replay Publicly (Using @) And only the people who follow me and other person that I replaying to will actually see that respond. So it is sociable and But it is not annoying. Every tweet you publish, every @mention you make, every hash tag you use and every time you re-tweet someone you’re extending your social graph. You’ll never know when that extra extension will lead to a new follower. Since you’re involving yourself in conversations that are pertinent to your niche, you’re going to attract the right followers.
  12. Practice strategic, not aggressive, following: Follow people in your Industry, People how use specific key-words in there bio, Some of this will follow you back. And if they Retweet you that where it get’s interesting, Because it will introduce to there followers. One of the best mechanisms for finding relevant users to follow is through Twitter’s own native search. Not only will you find relevant users, you’ll find active users who have tweeted in the last few days. One of my favorite strategies is to skip searching category keywords like “Social Media” and instead search for related keywords that are currently trending. 
    Also Follow Your Trusted Followers - There is nothing more annoying than following someone who doesn’t follow you back. This can translate into indifference, and it will negatively impact your overall appearance.
    Assuming that someone has found you interesting enough to follow, you could return the favor. Who knows, they might just post something that you are interested in! Well for this I use a tool called SocialBro (aff link) which has complete suite of tools including finding influencer new followers.

  13. Be generous in linking and retweeting others. Important think here I found that when people directly ask to retweet especially if you don’t know that person that well, Just simply post contents worth Retweeting.
  14. Avoid too much promotion. Yes you can promote your blog post, product, Service on twitter, And I encourage people to do that “But Be Careful” There is an invisible line you can not cross. Actually you can cross it But you shouldn't.  And if you do you looks like a Spammer Or just clue less. Not only this gets you no additional followers you ware out your existing followers, And many of them will unfollow you.
  15. Promoted tweets: You should also try using promoted tweets to gain relevant followers.

    Or if you don’t have an advertising budget you can do it the free way. Every time you speak at conferences or do a webinar, make sure you let people know your Twitter handle. Or when you do an interview, mention your Twitter handle.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t worry too much about the numbers. If you follow the advice I have given above, the numbers will take care of themselves. Like most things in life, slow and steady wins the race. Don’t underestimate the power of incremental growth over time. I didn’t build my following overnight and neither will you.


If you know of any other things that should be on this check list, but aren’t, feel free to leave a comment. You can also follow me on Twitter @linkstoweb.

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