Oh, hello there. You've probably noticed we've made a few changes around here.

Welcome to the New LinksToWeb

We where testing out the new design over two weeks,  And  Today I am excited to announce the official release of a new version of linkstoweb.in design; Which I named The Reader Edition 2.0 SmileBecause It mainly focuses on User Experience and it is one of the  important elements which makes a user stick to our blog. 

New linkstowebIn this post I will be sharing few tips which I have learned over the cause of LinksToWeb redesign , And I hope this will help every bloggers and webmasters.

Let’s make it simple, Fist of all take a quick look at this useful infographic titled “The 10 Commandments Of User Experience” . Read out the 10 points here mentioned And I am sure after that you will get a clear picture towards improving the User experience of your blog.  

6049289722_6abb351727_zImage Thanks mordefroid [Flickr]


Now, let me help you with some of the things that will make readers come back to your blog again

1. Work on branding and Trust factor of your blog


This is the foremost reason people remember a blog. People like brands, as they like to associated with something which has created a name. Once you succeed in creating a well-known brand of your own blog, you have done the 50% of task for creating a big name for your-self and for your blog. There are just few elements which will help you to brand your blog, and increase the trust factor.

What I Have done for branding and Trust factor for LinksToWeb
  • Blog design : I have Keep it unique and keep it according to personality of Blog.new linkstoweb 

  • Blog logo and avatar: People remember visual aspect more than the textual stuff. Logo should create a great impression on user mind, so that they remember it. A good idea is to work on a logo/avatar in a way, that you can use on your blog and on your social-media profiles so that user can connect to it. I have created a new logo which is very simple. Did you like it?  One rule of thumb: Use the same avatar everywhere.
  • Important pages: Pages like about page, contact page are very useful for first time readers to know about your blog. This will make them connect to your blog. I have added this pages on the top where readers can easily find them.
  • Copyright years: If you are running an old blog, it’s a good idea to show that in the footer section of your blog. For example: I started Linkstoweb in 2011, and if you look at the footer, you can clearly see 2011-2013.
  • Show off your numbers: If you have done tremendously good in certain part of your blog marketing. For example: thousands of RSS subscriber, or lacks of Facebook fans, or an appealing Alexa rank, place them in a way, so that it’s visible to first time user. When we see thousands of people liking a page, or subscribe to a blog, we are more likely to subscribe to it, assuming this blog/page have something great to offer. (Of-course you have to offer something great). gspremiumabstract85
  • Add a favicon: It’s a small thing, but it helps a lot in branding of your blog.

2. Website navigation


This is another important aspect of offering an excellent user-experience, and improve the analytics of your over all blog. Usually a reader will come to your blog via search engines, or via following a referral link to some internal pages, your goal should be: Offer them an easy way to navigate through your blog.


What i have done to improve navigation in LinksToWeb

  • Offer related post after the blog post. You can use Outbrain Related Post, Zementa related post or nrelate related post to show related posts with thumbnail. Well I have used Simple title links in the end of each post.
  • Added a floating  Which makes easy access to our social media sites and important pages.
  • Popular post widget : You can place it on the sidebar of your blog. A good idea is to use a query to show popular post according to current category and tags of the page. This will help you to show popular posts based on the section of your blog.
  • Offer subscription options: Ensure you have placed subscription options at prominent place. This will help first time user to subscribe to your blog updates and join us on the social sites like Facebook Fan page and Twitter.

3. Speed and loading time of blog


This is one important aspect of a well-maintained blog. If your blog stuck while loading, or gives internal server error due to slow hosting hardware issues, you are more likely to lose a reader. Even study shows, if a page loads in more than 3 seconds, it’s considered as a bad user experience.


Work on improving the load time of LinksToWeb


Previously, lookups averaged around 20 seconds. I have cut the average response time in half to about 10 seconds, and will be working to make it even faster. All thanks to gtmetrix Which is a very useful tool to analyze and speed up loading speed of website. And I am further optimize LinksToWeb response times. I hope this increased speed provides a big value-add for my readers as well as Search engines.

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Making LinksToWeb better

This whole thing is a work in progress. I want to make the best site I can for you guys, so I have to let you actually use it so you can tell us what you want! (It wouldn't be very good if I just did it all ourselves and handed it over Winking smile).

This post is to seek out you, our loyal readers, to come and test out the new design, And if you find any issue that need’s to be fixed do make use of our Contact Us page.

I hope you'll enjoy the new design and welcome your feedback!

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  1. Welcome here Ronny, and thank you for stopping by and commenting.
    Yes you are very true. Sometimes more loading time affects on the crawling of your blog in SERP’s and bounce rate too. Hence its must to keep our blog load time as low as possible.
    Which tool do you use for this ?

  2. My pleasure brother. Feels great that you found it useful. :)
    Every day is big leaning day for us , Is int it ?

  3. Hi bro i like ur website template...what is the name of the template?

    1. I think you mean the latest theme (2014) - You can find all information about on it on our new year post http://www.linkstoweb.in/2014/01/celebrating-2014-with-all-new-look.html

      This is a primum template by satankmkr called Ijonkz

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