Google displays a more broad sense of humor, more known for its doodles and Easter Eggs, possibly appealing to folks beyond the geek mold. Now is the turn for YouTube and they come with a grand one[...],

youtube-Easter Egg

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If you don't know about Easter eggs ,First let me explain about it,

This are hidden message/joke/feature programmers build into their projects mainly to entertain but they have also been known to display credits or promote a political agenda. Usually programmers are usually hard pressed to create the code that they actually need and the notion that they have time for fun and games goes beyond the call of duty.

Google is here again to keep things interesting and probably make you smile.This time subsidiary YouTube is also an eager follower of the tradition.

The latest viral video fever to spread via YouTube is 'Harlem Shake' and it has generated hundreds of millions of views across thousands of videos of the Internet meme. Participating in the immensely popular meme,

Google has dropped its own Harlem Shake Easter egg into YouTube ,

– Here is the interesting part starts , search for "Do The Harlem Shake" and listen to that infamous song start up.

(We’ll give you a minute to try it. Then, please, come back. We got more Winking smile)

Do the Harlem Shake’ Easter Egg


Nothing much will happen right away, apart from the YouTube logo in the top left corner beginning to shimmy. But as soon as the song gets going, the action begins...spinning panels, and the whole page shaking to the beat. it is really fun Open-mouthed smile . See this video

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In case you don't want you page to be Harlem Shaking then YouTube has put a pause button next to its logo that pulls the page out of its frenzy. Useful if you are really searching for “Do The Harlem Shake” Smile 

The Do a Barrel Roll search was the first time I’d heard about Google’s hidden Easter eggs — secret search terms that are just plain fun.

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Google promises to keep the Google Doodles and Easter Eggs coming. What do you think of the Easter egg? And what's your favorite unexpected treat Google has thrown your way? Let me know in the comments

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