We spend a large portion of our time reading articles and blog posts And that consume a large portion of our day[...].

If you're having trouble getting through all those You want to read, wouldn't it be useful to be able to listen to the articles instead?


In this blog post I will introduce a grate tool which does just that, SoundGecko makes it easier by reading them out loud to you—without sounding like a robot.


It bring news articles and blogs to life in a new way. Designed as a text-to-audio transcribing service, SoundGecko generates an MP3 from a URL, allowing you to listen to an article from virtually anywhere at any time that you wish.

For this First You need to register for an SoundGecko account (it's free And Simple)

An added bonus of SoundGecko is that it can place a copy of the MP3 for later listening in your Google Drive or Dropbox account when you submit an article URL. Which is very cool if you are using multiple devices. On top of that there is also Mobile apps for in iPhone , Android , And Windows Phonesonundgecho

On the backend, SoundGecko fetches each article, strips out the formatting and page elements to just text and then parses it through a text processing and text-to-speech platform.sondgecho-on-mobile

It's not the only app of its kind, but it's definitely the most natural sounding—while it won't fool anyone into thinking there's a person on the other end , it makes the articles much more listenable than any text to speech software. simply sit back and listen to an article during a commute.

I have been using soundGecko through its chrome extension for quite a time and I must admit I'm loving it. Using it everyday to read my news feeds. And it also helps me to Proofread My articles on Linkstoweb. Probably one of the best Apps I've used. It has completely changed the way I consume news and long form articles.

The price for the premium isn't bad for how much I use it. Actually the free version is more than enough for me. 


If you upgrade for the pro version SoundGecko which is prized at a Very small price You will get more RSS support, which allows users to subscribe to blogs (like Linkstoweb) and listen to new posts automatically. this also helps you to save your more time. Smile SoundGecko-on-browser


If you are a podcast listener, SoundGecko has a great feature. It provides you with a custom RSS feed that you can add to your podcast app. So you can use your podcast app of choice to keep up with both podcasts and Sound gecko-read website articles.


This post is the final part of our Make Web Reading Fun series


Part3: (This Post)

I just hope Series blog posts may help you with something new and applicable. I wish you all the best for making web reading fun, and if there is any question you may have just let me know. Don't forget to share this valuable tutorial with your loved ones. Peace and blessings pals! :)

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