Google has launch its digital book shop in India. Google play books Offer thousands of Indian titles from new seller to classics and international titles. Defiantly a good news for book lovers[...].

With Google play the books will be stored in the cloud which means users can also read them on their web browsers , and Google Play Books app for smart devices provides a similar reading experience like its competitors Kindle and Amazon.

What about the free Books ?

Similar to Apple’s iBook app, Google Play Books allows reader to choose from a wide range of books, magazines, journals and more and lets users read their favorite stuff on the go.
The Google play store does come with its fair share of its free classics such as Grate Expectations, Alice in wonderland etc. . And expect to see lot word near soon.
Hire is the direct link to Top Free in Books (The ebooks are free at the time of writing this but you would need a valid debit or credit card linked to your Google Wallet account for completing the purchase.)


While there are over 4 million books on Google Play, not all books are free. Users can also purchase books through the app and store them for reading at a later date. While there is a free book section, the paid books seem to start from Rs 50.Books-on-google-play-books There is even a  category for Books for 100 Rs. or less also.

Google has also pushed not a world wide update to the books app for Android that lets readers filter books by type and identifies place name on the existing page.
Google Play Books is definitely an app for all book lovers. However, a drawback of the app is that books are stored on Cloud and will need access to the internet each time someone wants to read a stored book.
Very much interested to see your views about it on our comment section do give your comments.

Soumyadip, author of the popular blog Cutting the Chai, has discovered at least 40 popular ebooks that are currently available for free at the Google Play Store.(Some Are not listed in the free book section But they are now free)

Update 2:
After thousands of downloads, Google plugs free e-books leak. Currently the books are no longer available for download on Google Play Books even at a price. Google seems to have also removed all mentions of the from its search index on Google Play.

List of e-books that were temporarily available for free download on Google Play Books
  1. Amul’s India 
  2. Arzee The Dwarf, Chandrahas Choudhary
  3. Best Indian Short Stories – Vol. I, Khushwant Singh
  4. Best Indian Short Stories – Vol. II, Khushwant Singh
  5. Black Ice, Mahmudul Haque
  6. Bobby: The Complete Story, Balaji Vittal
  7. Calcutta Exile, Bunny Suraiya
  8. Chinese Whiskers, Pallavi Aiyar
  9. Controversially Yours, Shoaib Akhtar
  10. Deewar, Vinay Lal
  11. Delhi Noir, Hirsh Sawhney
  12. Gods and Godmen of India, Khushwant Singh
  13. Headley And I, S Hussain Zaidi
  14. I, Steve – Steve Jobs In His Own Words, Steve Jobs
  15. India – A Traveller’s Literary Companion, Chandrahas Choudhury
  16. India An Introduction, Khushwant Singh
  17. Jaane Bhee Do Yaaro, Jai Arjun Singh
  18. Keep The Change, Nirupama Subramaniam
  19. May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss, Arnab Ray
  20. Mediocre But Arrogant, Abhijit Bhaduri
  21. More Salt Than Pepper: Dropping Anchor with Karan Thapar, Karan Thapar
  22. Mother Maiden Mistress, Bhawana Sommya
  23. Olympics – The India Story, Boria Majumdar
  24. Potato Chips, Anushman Mohan
  25. Ravan And Eddie, Kiran Nagarkar
  26. RD Burman: The Man, The Music, Balaji Vittal
  27. Sex, Scotch & Scholarship, Khushwant Singh
  28. Tanzeem, Mukul Deva
  29. The Best Advice I Ever Got, The Business Today Team
  30. The Double Life of Ramalinga Raju: The Story of India’s Biggest Corporate Fraud, Kingshuk Nag
  31. The Householder, Amitabh Bagchi
  32. The Impatient Optimist – Bill Gates In His Words, Bill Gates
  33. The Intolerant Indian – Why We Must Rediscover A Liberal Space, Gautam Adhikari
  34. The Maruti Story, R C Bhargava
  35. The Moslems Are Coming, Azad Essa
  36. The Other Indians: A Political And Cultural History of South Asians In America, Vinay Lal
  37. The Sacred Grove, Daman Singh
  38. The Sikhs, Khushwant Singh
  39. The Sufi Courtyard: Dargahs Of Delhi, Sadia Dehlvi
  40. Women And Men In My Life, Khushwant Singh

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  1. How to download any paid book from play store in free?

    1. Hi Javed,
      Currently the books are no longer available for download on Google Play Books free.

  2. All books available here for free :)

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