We all use Internet for grab new knowledge. Search  for verity of topics and find interesting stuffs that we really wish to read.  How can I actually get through all this stuff?[...]


It seems like never get through everything we want to read in a day , i am talking 1000 unread items.

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Just bookmarking webpage on browser seems to be a bad idea, Which will lead to loading up in my toolbar that never get read! And most of the time it's become very boring to read that all long article or a blog post. But we really push hard to find the thrasher hidden inside on article that we find on the web. In this blog post we will discuss How we can actually get through all this stuff in fun and easy way.


There are a lot of different ways to tackle this, and ultimately it'll depend on what suits you best, but here are some tips we've learned over the past few years .


This post marks part of our series on "Make Web Reading Fun".


Part2: Best Tool To Make Web Reading Fun And Consume More Information (This Post)


Lets keep it simple ,

Find a New RSS Reader

Try To Keep Everything in One Place Arranged ,The best way to do this is to use Feeds, It is still the most efficient way to get through a large number of blogs and popular websites.

Fancy news readers like Pulse or Flipboard are nice, but a straightforward app like Google Reader is going to be much faster in my experience. —instead of casually browsing, you're speeding through all your feeds, picking out the stuff that looks interesting to you.

An Update : Google announced that it'll be closing Google Reader's doors on July 1st of this year, meaning you'll need to find a new way to get your news fix. I want to just say I Love you Google Reader.


Luckily, it's far from the only RSS reader out there, so chances are you shouldn't have too much trouble finding one you like.


Get Start With Feedly

I find Feedly the best alternative to Google Reader. Now I'm slowly getting used to Feedly, and it's actually quite good. Thank the tech gods! Here are the 6 Things I like most about Feedly


Why You Should Try Feedly – What  I like Most About it


  • Organize post views to suit your reading style – There are some excellent configuration options that allow you to view posts in the way that best suits you. You can group blog posts into different "categories", scan a summary of the posts, view the full posts, save posts to a queue for later viewing or tag articles so you can find them easier in the future. The best part is apart from RSS Reader Feedly also helps to discover interesting stories and latest news events that interest you, "categories" pane where you can switch from topic to topic quickly
  • Save Articles for Reading Later - There’s a Save button with every article that you read inside Feedly. As the name suggests, it will permanently save that article to your account much like Starred Items in Google Reader. Feedly also supports Pocket and Instapaper so you can save long articles for later.

    The big difference is that Feedly’s Reading list is private and you cannot share (or embed) that list with the outside world.

  • Use Feedly on Desktop and Mobile – You can use Feedly from your desktop ( as a browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari ) and Android, Apple iOS and Kindle mobile devices. And your Feedly articles and data are saved and synced across all of your devices, and you have total control over which feeds you read and which topics bubble to the top of your reading list.
  • The web interface and android app takes a bit of getting used to but it can be customized to make it look and act like google reader.

  • Faster sharing options so you can tell your friends what you just read. Feedly is also Integrate Feedly with Buffer so Instead of sharing all of your content at the same time, Buffer will spread publication out across preconfigured times.
  • It has multiple themes and customizable fonts, and even shows you how popular a given article is on Facebook or Twitter so you can see if everyone's already talking about it. Plus, the new UI is simply gorgeous, offering a very Flipboard-like layout that's fast and fun to use.
  • categories-feedly
  • Master the Keyboard Shortcuts - Have the same j/k, m, & s keyboard shortcuts!! Which is very useful. To Know all shortcuts in Feedly just press Shift + ?

    The most useful keyboard shortcut though is Shift + v as it will open the original web page associated with the current story.

But Worryingly, Feedly actually uses Google Reader as its backend — and we’re not sure if Google will break the functionality of third-party apps like Feedly when it integrates Reader with Google+. On the flip side, this means you can log into Feedly today and it will automatically have all of your Google Reader feeds set up and ready to go.


But in any case for a passionate base of users who are looking for a better way to consume information. And the amount of information isn't getting smaller, Feedly is the best option that I Suggest.

: Join linkstoweb on linkstoweb

Go to cloud.feedly.com and click the Import button to copy all your Reader feeds into your Feedly account. Your Google Account will be your Feedly login.

Please note that this is currently the only way to import feeds in bulk as Feedly doesn’t allow importing OPML feeds yet.


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