You are watching a long YouTube video - When you try to backward Or forward Video will play a choppy fashion Even there will be force the video to re-buffer from the beginning.
Fix Slow Buffering of YouTube It is also happens when you switch to full screen mode when watching a video.

Just imagine a situation where you load a full video. It is very frustrating movement when you are watching a long video :( How many times end you run on this situation ? In this blog post i tried to outlined few steps through which you can watch YouTube videos without buffering problem.

You might aware of the fact that YouTube video needs flash player to run. In Most Cases buffering problem is very much related to the flash player it self.

First of all ensure - the most recent version of Flash is correctly installed And remove unwanted add-ons and extensions which you think may conflict with YouTube. Most of the Browser Extensions Which Promise to Accelerate YouTube actually slows down the process, Because the software or app itself take some MB ..They really slow down Computer. So it is better to not Install Those kind of application.

Method 1:
Use the HTML5 player

The most effective way to fix this problem is to switch to HTML5. If you are not aware of HTML5. In YouTube HTML5 is used as an alternative to Flash Player. Unlike Flash it use Less memory and Provides support More mediums like Mobile Phones and tablets.   
This experimental feature can be tested on browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE9 beta, Firefox 4 beta etc.

Activating the player on browser is easy. Visit YouTube HTML5 Video Player Page at www.youtube.com/html5
and at the bottom (See on Screenshot bellow), click on the link Join the HTML5 trial . That’s it. Once a user has opted in, they are able to use the HTML5 player rather than the traditional Adobe Flash player supported videos.

You can also find all the embedded YouTube Videos will be changed to HTML5 Player on every website. For example Try out Vides Here on Linkstoweb after enabling HTML5.  

NOTE: YouTube's HTML5 video is still a work in progress, And there are still some limitations regarding its use. Videos that are enabled for advertising (most professional content on YouTube display ads) still require the Flash Player. Currently HTML5 videos only provide limited full screen support--the video fills the browser, but will only truly be full screen if the browser itself supports full screen. Also,if a user has already opted in to additional YouTube experiments, the HTML5 player may not be provided, and will default to the Flash player. (But we have a Trick for This Read on)
youtube flash

How to check if YouTube video is playing through HTML5 or Flash ?

Easy way to find it by Right click on the video and you’ll get some options. See the last option, There you can find out HTML5 or Flash player is performing its work. (See on Screenshot bellow). Also if you have already turned on ‘Click-to-Play’ for Flash Player to make your Google Chrome More Stable Only Flash videos Shows Click-to-play , HTML5 videos will play in normal.
Update : YouTube is moving things here and there constantly, And It seems the 2nd method is not working now !

Method 2:
A Simple Trick to Force Every Video To Play In The HTML5 player

As I said before, that method might not work for all videos, If you try to watch the original officialpsy’s GANGNAM STYLE video – You will be still watching it on the Flash Player! But don’t fell bad,. there's a trick.

First, you've got to copy the video ID which is the part after the '?v=' and before the '&' — For example look one of our old YouTube video which is about Google Search Trick , (See The Screenshot)

for  This video it's  ‘bq_5_9VhvmQ'.
Then, you just take that ID and put it here:


Or Just click on the link which Pop up in a new window and Just replace the Orange color Video ID with ID of Your Video.
and wallah! It'll force it to play in the HTML5 player and you can do w/e you want with it. Such as View Videos truly be full screen , Change Video Quality , Change Speed
And more.


Bonus Tip
  :Are you using a slow Internet Connection?  Then go to YouTube Playback Settings(Click on the link) and choose “I have a slow connection . Never play higher-quality video ” , this will make video playback in low resolution, Hence making video loading fast.

Pause the video
. Allow the gray loading bar to load as shown below, or completely to the end of the player.
Once the video has fully loaded, try playing the video again.
If your video does not buffer while pausing, pause the video, and then change the quality by choosing a resolution from the gear icon.
Your video should begin to buffer while pausing.
And if you want to play any parts of the video without too much lag – Then after pausing video just move to that part and Waite for 1 or 2 Sec when the video image changes Click on the play Button. That’s it. Enjoy Watching YouTube Videos without any lag.
Hope that helped :) Have any questions ? Just post it on our comment section I will answer it as soon as possible 

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  1. My pleasure brother. Feels great that you found it useful. :)
    Now i am planing for another YouTube Tricks for my upcoming Post , Which i think very useful to you.
    Stay linked :)

  2. My pleasure brother. Feels great that you found it useful. :)

  3. The only thing that worked is the HTML trick.

  4. Did not work for me. But on most videos i cant go below 360 setting cause youtube is not nice.. Need 144 due to my 1000 mhz processor. grr

  5. Thank you so much for your feedback @Fred ,
    YouTube is moving things here and there constantly, And It seems the 2nd method is not working now !
    But here is the good news - I have fond something grate for you Try YouTube Central which provides so many options to fix YouTube Player. Read more Here http://www.linkstoweb.in/2013/08/fix-youtube-on-slow-connection.html

  6. Adobe flash player is getting bloated and heavy as it ages...HTML5 way way better thanks...

  7. Download SmartVideo Chrome extension! It works...I can now play in 720p and not 144p..I am VERY HAPPY NOW..

  8. Please have a look at this:


  9. nice post really helpful man.


  10. WOW. I had horribly painful slow buffering despite a pretty decent DSL connection (9,8 Mbps DL), and this solved the issue COMPLETELY. Now the videos stream amazingly fast. It seems Flash was really the issue.

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