So the changes have finally arrived. I am very much excited to launch an all-new version of the site that delivers a better experience on every device — from phones to tablets to desktops and beyond[...].

logo work23.png
I’m calling it The Reader Edition and it’s probably the simplest, most minimalist interface we’ve ever had. Because it allows focus on great content, as well as frequency.



Let’s Know What have inspired me

Notice the new Home page which now has a Grid layout where each post just grabs the image and puts it in a square box of equal size. This makes readers to easily navigate throw out the blog and find just what they are looking out.

Yes, the inspiration behind this was PinterestImage pining Social networking site. Hope this Design works for me as well .

Do you have a Blog ? Which site inspires your blog design ?  Share it with us. We’d ring a bell to celebrate your comment on our comment section bellow

From the last time we rolled out new design I have been trying my level best keep And bring many useful and grate content.


We're Not Finished Yet!

However As you know it's by no means complete. It is usually the case when a new website launches- I am also expecting some teething problems.


I will defiantly continuing to refine the new site, squash some remaining bugs, fix a few design quirks and make it really sing on every device you can buy. This new version isn't a finished product but rather a platform we'll use to launch new features and improve existing ones. There's plenty more work to do.

This post is to seek out you, our loyal readers, to come and test out the new site, And if you find any issue that need’s to be fixed do make use of our Contact Us page.

We hope you'll enjoy the new site and we welcome your feedback!

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