If you ever wish to group all the Social media notification email automatically and manage them in once?  Then here is a god news for you Gmail has just released a new Labs feature which will groups messages received from social networks, blogs and more,[...]

so you don't have to create complicated filters.




Smart Labels is a Gmail Labs feature, so it's not enabled by default,


To enable it you have to go to the Labs Page in the Settings on Gmail.(See below screenshot)



Once you turn it on Smart Labels automatically categorizes incoming Bulk, Notification and Forum messages, and labels them as such.


Update : Gmail is rolling out tabs that organize your mail.

There are three default tabs: Primary, Social and Promotions (shown below).

If you haven’t already received this update on Gmail, it will likely come soon.

New Gmail Tabs



Why it is useful ?

If you get a lot of email, this may help you keep track of - ‘which messages you should read first’. Just click the appropriate label. It's also a great companion to Gmail's Priority Inbox, which highlights the most important emails for you. So you can save your valuable time and productivity of managing your Email . 

How to Start with SmartLabels

The new smart label can be hidden, renamed or even removed from Gmail's settings page.


So where can I get my all social update? well  Smartlabels was recently updated and added a new label by default which is ‘Social Update 

 Enable smartlable on Gmail labs


You'll find messages from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Blogger, Quora and other social sites.



Some times it take a little time to get the sorted label.


If you already using Smart Label to organize your mail, you may find a new label has been automatically added to a list called Social Update. 



Once you enable it there are many options in Smartlabel Including Changing it’s color ,adding sub label,Changing the filter and more.



Automatically archive social updates

Here is one useful tip  [credit:googlesystem] If you'd like to automatically archive social updates, forum messages or notifications, just click the smart label in Gmail's sidebar and enable "archive incoming social updates (skip the inbox)" at the top of the page.


archive incoming notifications bulk email in gmail


Obviously, the setting will use the smart label name: "archive incoming notifications", "archive incoming forums", "archive incoming bulk."


Even if you accidentally delete a filter or a label added by Gmail's Smart Labels just try to disable Smart Labels from Gmail Labs and enable it again click "save changes". You will get the deleted label back.


One of the areas where desktop e-mail clients — notably Microsoft Outlook — still supersede web clients is with custom folders and rules. With Smart Labels, Google is helping to close that gap. This may well be the reason behind overtaking Microsoft's Outlook (Hotmail) last week in the history of internet.


So What do you think of Smart Labels? Join our discussion on bellow comment section  

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