If you Wish to stay connected to your favorite social site even while you are surfing the Web, Here is a good news for you- Now you can[...]. You can stay connected to your Facebook friends even while you are surfing the Web, watching a video or playing a game + You will also get Desktop Notification too. read on to know How.



Firefox 17 added a hidden feature to enable notifications and chat from Facebook right in your browser.


Yes ..the feature is hidden by default. Which means you can't use it by just upgrading to the latest version of Firefox. You need to turn this service ON. By 2 ways you can tune this service on.


Fist One is very easy which is literally clicking a link , The other is little bit complex.  So let me fist tell you the easy method

Just head to Facebook Messenger for Firefox's official page and click "Turn On."  Yes it is that easy. Smile


There is another method which is involving editing about:config.

For this first

  • Type about:config into the address bar. Promise Firefox you'll be careful, then search for social.enabled using the about:config search bar.
  • Double-click the social.enabled option to set it to True.


Note: Make sure you've updated to the latest version of Firefox (From Firefox 17 started supporting Social API. You can download latest version of Firefox from Here )


You should find that you have Facebook notifications for friend requests, messages, and other posts in the upper right-hand corner of your browser. It may not be the best way to stay productive, but it's nice to have. Smile


Don’t like the sidebar ? Just Remove it

But the bad thing according to me is that it also adds a sidebar including mini-feed to the side of your browser which is like in the Facebook. Yes… If you spend a lot of time on Facebook chat, I could see it being handy to chat from any window you want, but if you are like me who thinks this a deal killer, You can easily remove this by clicking on the Facebook Icon and uncheck “Show Sidebar” .


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Overall this is a grate step taken forward by Firefox in the competing world of web browser. It is expected to add more social services like Twitter, blog networks or even news sites to easily add persistent social sidebars, toolbar notifications and chats to the browser, no matter which site a user is currently looking at.


Liked to see what Google Chrome answer to this. What you think about this new Firefox Social API ? Do give your comments or query's.


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