Some times when you try to close Google Chrome with many tabs open it will forced to wait longer and longer or even leaving in Browser to crash. So what is causing this ? And What can be done to prevent this? [...]

Here's what you should to do to make your Chrome more stable

What makes Google Chrome crash?Google-chrome-crash


The only thing that makes chrome unstable is FLASH . Yes that’s right the staff which is mainly used for animation, video, and interactivity to web pages. To make your Chrome more stable Simply just

Disable flash from playing automatically and you get your highly stable version of your favorite browser

So how to Disable flash from playing automatically ?

There are many Chrome Extension which will help you to do this, But I will recommend this simple method within Google Chrome And it can be done with a click   Smile

Disable Plug-ins auto play

Although you can disable all Flash elements on “about:plugins” Page of Chrome Browser But lot of sites use Flash to display menus, show videos, etc. So Just Disabling the Auto Play of Browser will be a better idea for your browsing experience.

To do this Just Copy and past



in address bar and press enter Scroll down and you will see Options for Plug-ins


Just click on Click to play. That’s it. 

How to Enabling auto play of Plug-ins in specific sites

Now, if you wish to enable auto play of plug-ins on specific sites like YouTube, just click the "Plug-in disabled" notification icon in the address bar and select

"Always allow Plug-ins on"


You can also manage specific websites  on the Manage Exception Button on in the content page of browser which is mentioned abow.

I have fixed the crashing problem Chrome browser on my office by doing this simple method. There was not much big problem with my PC on home. But when I implement it Chrome was taking much less time to close. Which is a happy thing Smile

Last but not the lest Make sure you are using the latest Stabled version of Google Chrome. Because They make lots of Bug Fixes which other ways may case Browser Crash.

Hope this blog post help you. We will be posting other useful tips in the coming days. If you know any new cool Chrome Tips or Tricks or any suggestions do post it on our comment section bellow.   Happy browsing   Smile

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  1. Thanks. I was using a old computer with , this tip not only make my Google chrome crash free , it is now more fast.
    Thanks again and keep the good work.

    1. You are always welcome Krishna,
      New post on Chrome are on the way.

  2. Chrome is not as simple as others, but it only takes a simple mind to get to know Chrome, is fast and free

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