We have already discussed about Microsoft's new Office 2013 in our previous post. To day i am going to discuss a problem which all of us faced ,You need to View or Edit a MS Word or Excel or a PPT file But the problem is  MS Office is not at all installed in the system Or [...]

Case 2 : If you’re using the old version of Microsoft office , then you probably have a problem with loading the  new XML Formats which have a ‘x’ in the end like . docx ,

Then Here is the best solution for both this problem , No need to install any other software or converting  tool. And it is quit simple to.


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A New Microsoft Office (2013) Has Arrived

Just use Microsoft SkyDrive although you can use Google Docs i recommend to use SkyDrive if you are handling MS Office documents.  Because it provide exact same interface and functionality of Office desktop suite(Word,Excel,power Point etc.) With in Your Browser.


Microsoft just completed its makeover of Office Web Apps, adding improved touch support for phones and tablets and a modern sheen to complement the Windows 8.

Obviously, the older web version isn’t as feature-rich and effective as the desktop version But the new makeover of Microsoft web app brings most of the looks and functions of the new Office 2013. (Updated all the screenshot with the new Office Web Apps)

But if you use Google Docs and miss the web interface of Microsoft Office then you might consider switching to office live. Also You can get 25GB of Free storage (Can be upgraded up to 100GB) which is pretty useful if you have a low capacity Hard disk.

It’s worth a try anyway so check this guide we’ve put together for you and give it a shot.

To do this just upload your file to Skydrive.live.com

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(For which you need Hotmail/outlook.com email Account)


Select edit on Browser .
Then you will see exact Same Office editor on your browser.  

word app

Plus you can do so much more like

  • converting .docx to .doc(Which is supported by Old version of office)
  • Creating a PDF file of the document which will be so much handy in Printing (yes it is free)  To do this Just select Print Option In Google Chrome Browser And select PDF From the dropdown menu. (Works only With Chrome)

    Feel free to post your queries in the comment box below. I just hope this method would help you as much as did for me. We will be publishing such tutorials more to make the best use of internet service as part of our How-to category. Please do share any of your tip that would make this guide even more useful. Would love to hear from you. Peace and blessings pals! :)

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    1. Nice. But i prefer Google doc more.

    2. Yes @007a26f34c332004be05d7baf4027beb:disqus From an interface perspective, Google Docs is a refreshingly clean experience that is far superior to what Microsoft has on offer. Functionally, the applications in both cloud-based suites are hard to distinguish, although with a few advantages in Google Docs evident.

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