One million people signed up for the new email service in just six hours. It have to be something big! And it is . Say hello to Microsoft's new free email account, Outlook.com [...].

new_outlook.comNo it is not the cloud version of your (non used for most of us)  Outlook PC email Clint But it is all new Email Service from  Microsoft, designed as an eventual replacement to Hotmail, (for now it is a  it’s opt-in for existing Hotmail users)  the free browser-based service sports a strikingly simple interface.

It's not often we get a shakeup in the email world, If happens it’s mostly with Gmail, With its new Outlook.com e-mail, though Microsoft is trying to change that perception. And by most measures it succeeds. Not only it does look good, it seems pretty fast too.

Microsoft-OutlookIt is so good that after testing it for 3 days i will defiantly say that Outlook.com is the most awesome Email service now in the web world. Yes i know there is a huge Gmail  fans out there even I have been using Gmail since 2005,  but the new Outlook.com service looks extremely tempting both in terms of features and also the user-interface. I am sure that you will also agree to me if you try it.

What makes Outlook.com awesome  

I found several unique and useful features in Outlook.com that you will surely miss inside Gmail and makes it awesome So top reason for switch to Outlook.com

Top reason for switching to Outlook.com

Not only it does look good, it seems pretty fast too

I’m in my first few hours of using the new Outlook and honestly, it’s a breath of fresh air. Kind of surprised that Microsoft was capable of bringing it home like this but I have to tip my hat to them. In its reviewer's guide, Microsoft calls the Outlook.com design "modern," "clean," and "fresh.", And they are 100% true with with the minimalist design aesthetic of Windows 8 Metro, emphasizing straight lines, thin fonts and white space, I think it is Cute also :-)

Though Microsoft is calling Outlook.com a preview version, it has been pretty stable for me. Microsoft is making its most radical change yet to the 16-year-old email service.
  • Integration with social networks

outlook-peopleNew outlook.com brings power of social network THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY USE  to Email service.Outlook is tightly integrated with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn that most of us actually use. And Skype Integration coming very soon also, Which is great.
And makes it super easy for you to import contact details from Facebook and LinkedIn into your address book. It imports birthdays, addresses, phone numbers (from LinkedIn) and also the email addresses of your Facebook friends.That's Awesome :-)
Not to mention Skype coming soon, integration with SkyDrive and the Office Web Apps which beat Google Docs in terms of compatibility.
  • Fast signup

You can sign-in without entering your account password. If you have connected your mobile phone to your Hotmail / Outlook account, you can sign-in from any computer without using your actual password. Click the “Sign in with a single-use code” link on the login screen and Microsoft will send you a temporary password in a text message that expires after first use.

This is useful when you are logging from a public computer. Gmail has two-step verification which adds one more layer of security.
Or if you are a Hotmail/Windows live user Just click on Update to outlook.com and you are done.

  • Storage Space! No problem here

Microsoft Outlook includes email storage that expands to provide you with as much storage space as you need.(In Gmail 7GB is Maximum limit to standard user)   Your inbox capacity will automatically increase as you need more space.
The maximum size of an email message (including attachments) that you can receive in Outlook is 25 MB which is similar to Gmail.
  • Get the Outlook.com Email Address You Want

Hotmail and now Outlook, lets you create temporary email aliases that are just regular email addresses but you can delete them or create new ones whenever required. You can also rename an existing alias without deleting. you can select just five Outlook aliases a year (an anti-spam and anti-hoarding restriction),
If you are a hotmail user you might think that Microsoft would automatically reserve that address for your outlook.com, but it doesn’t. You have to do that yourself. to do this open Outlook Mail Settings and choose Create an Alias under Managing your Account.


And there is more improved features in managing emails,Easily Recover your Deleted Mails,Use of Use HTML and CSS in Rich Emails,Block Emails from Particular Addresses or Domains
All of this makes Outlook.com the awesome email service.  If you try it I am sure that you will also agree to me ,Don't you ?  If users are to have any issues, it’ll probably be with the Outlook name. The brand generates a lot of bad blood among users. At least in this case, things get better on the other side.

Update : As expected SkyDrive Also got a makeover, just like Outlook. The new Metro “modern design” and it looks great and beautiful.

So i just thought  it’s a pretty good time to switch to my primary Gmail account with new Outlook , And i am happy with the change. Let us see what Gmail come up with to counter Outlook.com.
What do you think of this new Outlook.com ? Do give your comments and share your experience with us

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  1. Nice.
    I have now switch from Gmail to Outlook.com

  2. It is better to create a separate folder for Gmail So that you can delete all archived emails on Gmail by single click and start fresh.
    Remember Microsoft has already told that Outlook.com is still in the beta stage.
    I think It’s a breath of fresh air compared to other services.

  3. I imported my Gmail into Outlook.com and it put my entire Sent folder in my Inbox! Now I have to go through it and delete everything I sent since 2010.

    Don't import contacts, it will not let you delete duplicates It says you can't delete them if you imported them from another service. This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of!

    When you search in HELP it returns results for EVERY Microsoft product, so you have to wade through thousands of irrelevant results.

    Typical Microsoft garbage!

  4. Renaming an existing alias can be done in outlook.com ,Just right click the your existing alias email id from the Folder Box and chose Rename. That's it.Hope this helps.

  5. How do you rename an existing alias without deleting? The Rename feature renames only the primary address but not the alias.

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