After the Windows8 the latest offering from Microsoft is Office2013. It is a significant update to the world's leading office suite[...]. They had released the Consumer Preview of Office 2013 (Microsoft doesn't say "beta"as in the case of windows8 also ) last week , with major changes being made to all the popular programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Before you Download Office 2013

Fist of all let me say if you are using Windows XP or even Windows Vista then Sorry, you're out of luck ,Because new Office suite won't support Windows XP or Vista, meaning users who need or want Office 2013 will have to upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8.
Microsoft is now using this New “Operating System“ plan to force all it’s Users to Switch to latest OS as in The case of IE9 .Microsoft may be hoping that the appeal of Office 2013 will prompt more users and businesses to move away from XP.

Users will also need a PC with at least a 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM for the 32-bit version (2GB for the 64-bit version), at least 3GB of free hard disk space, and a graphics card that can provide at least 1,024-by-576 resolution.

Get Start with Office 2013

I watched Microsoft’s recent webcast of Office 2013 developments. In that presentation, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated that signing up for an Office 365 preview account is part of the process of installing Office 2013.
So First you need to go to Official Microsoft office preview Site [Link]
Then You will notice the Customer Preview runs a preview of Office 365 Home Premium Preview. In the end, you're still able to use the newly announced features, but have to go through Office 365 to do so. for now it is free Microsoft hasn't announced the price or payment plan.

As I was using Windows XP as my default OS last week I made a final decision to switch to Windows7(There are some other reasons also). So it was the perfect time to me to deep and explore Office 2013 Smile 
Let me try it for a week so expect a Deeper Dive In To Office 2013 on Linkstoweb.