Google on last week introduced some cool tools in Google search. This tools are far beyond the usual search Like Calculator,Convertor ,Handwrite(on touchscreen), Weather Widget (For iOS and Android Tablets). Read on to know how to use all of this [...]and some fun stuffs that you can do with this 

Google Calculator

Yes, this tool was Previously existed on Google now results has just got a major upgrade , Now when you search Google for a math answer, Google will not only show you the answer but also give you a new interface for the answer, including a full size 34-button scientific calculator.So not only do you get the answer quickly, you can now make additional calculations on the virtual scientific calculator, like square root and log.
To use this just type calculator on search box , Virtual Google calculator will also appear if we type in a calculation - say '54*6' - into the search box and can also be used for more complex calculation needs
such as '25*39+(sqrt 10)^3'.

This works on desktop and mobile.(Smart Phones)
Bonus: if you're using Chrome on desktop, you can also speak your equations out loud.
Quick—what's six times pi divided by four?


In addition to calculator Google has added a simple conversion calculator when you enter a conversion into the search bar, with a drop down menu for temperature, length, mass, speed, volume, area, fuel consumption, time and digital storage.

For example you can know your exact height in Foot .

Type 180cm in foot on search bar.


With its new Handwrite system that lets you search using your own writing in on a touchscreen.
That is on your smartphone or tablet. Just use your finger to write your search.
Activate the feature by going to on your phone or tablet's browser and click on the Settings link. Then, scroll down to enable the Handwrite feature and save the settings. Navigate back to the Google home page, and you should see a small "g" icon in cursive-style script, which you need to press to activate Handwrite.
As you scribble anywhere on the screen, Google should automatically convert it into text in the search box. Use the backspace icon to delete letters.
Try This Also :  Some Shapes also are also recognize by Google Handwrite ,try drawing a heart symbol. 

To know more see this Google video on YouTube.

Weather Widget

If you are using iOS or Android Tablets Just search for weather and a new tablet-optimized weather widget will show you the current weather at your location (or anywhere else if you add a city’s name or ZIP code to your search), as well as hourly and ten-day forecasts for temperature, precipitation, humidity and wind speed.


So what you think of this useful tools ? Post your comments