From the last 8 months we have seen big Improvements in all across Google Search by which Google is aiming to create a beautifully simple and intuitive experience across Google[...].. One of the biggest change was rolling out this new version of the Google bar Which Google already undergoes couple of tweaks based on users feedback. Google replaced The drop-down Google menu with a consistent and expanded set of links running across the top of the page.

It has been some time we where using it, So did you like the new Google bar ?
Like it or not you can definitely expect some more tweak from Google on coming days. But here is a useful tweak -
which makes the Google Search Bar Follow You Down the Page. Yes, By the help of this simple script you can do this to.
This script makes the top bar in Google.. fixed! no matter where you are on the page.. it will stay in view. looks good, and works on all (tested) pages except "news".

This is actually a very cool little tweak. Much nicer than I expected it to be after hearing about it. I highly recommend trying it for yourself.
You just need to go to http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/86539
and install the script – That’s it.

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