One of Twitter’s best features is its portability, and Twitter and the mobile web seem to be made for each. there are many external applications that will replicate this feature[...].

For many users, it is often easier and more convenient to link directly to a mobile version of Twitter using the browser built-into their phone handset In this article,which is quite basic and limited in its functionality. But there are far better alternative for mobile Twitter. twitter_mobile_phoneI’ll be comparing some of the best Twitter’s mobile client, and rival services and we will look at the pros and cons of each.


Certainly if you’re an iPhone / Android or a BlackBerry user you’re particularly well-served in this department. With some of the best external applications for Twitter like Seesmic,HootSuite, or TweetDeck. But If you have a low-powered handset or just want to have a fast and easy peek at the Twittersphere, one option you’ve always had is to point your mobile web browser at Twitter mobile.

If you visit the URL above you’ll see a cut-down version of Twitter, which is quite basic and limited in its functionality like

  • No option for uploading picture , but sufficient if all you need is a quick update.

  • Not possible to edit Retweet.

  • List not suported

There are  far better alternative for mobile Twitterers is now available and they are called ‘Twitter Mobile Web Clients‘. So let‘s look at the advantages of using this service or

  Why i need to use Twitter Mobile Web Clients  ?

  • Delivers the speed and convenience of Twitter mobile

  • Have more feature

  • Secure to login (most of them use twitter oath – by which your Password will be not used)

  • Gives the user a lot more power and control

While it may lack the GUI and user-friendliness of some of the downloadable Twitter clients (certainly on the iPhone), for the majority of Twitter users it is a convenient and very pleasing way to get your Twitter fix while on the move.
Good news is that you have many ones to chose from(do not confuse we will ). For the last month I have tried almost every one of them and i have listed them and also put best things in each of them which i have liked. So let us start,

1. Dabr

dabr_twitter_clintDabr, (http://dabr.co.uk)an open-source project created and maintained by David Carrington, delivers the speed and convenience of Twitter mobile but is feature-packed. For all-around ease-of-use, control and the total number off features, Dabr beats Twitter mobile hands-down.
Here are some of the things i liked about Dabr

  • It is fast
  • You can use old(editable) and new style Retweet.
  • You can see your friends post and what twitter client they use.
  • You can see the average tweets you post per day
  • Change color scheme
  • You use and manage twitter list
  • You can uplode picture

If you only use Twitter mobile to access the network while away from your computer (or up until now didn’t realize that was even an option), definitely give Dabr I go. I don’t think you’ll ever look back.


2. Twitmania

Tweitmania (http://twitmania.com) is also a mobile web interface to Twitter's API just like Dabr. In fact if can be said as improved version of it.

  • Tweet more than 140 characters
  • Post your selective tweet to Facebook
  • Auto refresh the timeline
  • Upload your images/photos
  • Support emoticons and autotext
  • Hide tweets from a user or with blacklisted words
  • Rich bandwidth savings and tweet options
  • You can change the cool Themes (Many to Choose From)
  • You can use Mute Feature to mute an annoying tweets from your timeline

There are a lot of other mobile web based Twitter clients also. like tweete, Twitstat ,slandr, twittme, tuitwit and i have tested all of this for my account. Both Dabr and Tweitmania is my favorites especially Tweitmania , It have some unique features.

So which Twitter mobile client is best for you ?  It really depends on your needs, preferences and the phone you are using. Please give your comments about our pick

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