You maybe already Known about Pinterest, The new really HOT social networking site on this blog. Hope you browse the website once,[...] and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the photo browsing experience that Pinterest offers to its users.
Pinterest’s secret weapon is the simplicity of its design, which allows for excessive scrolling of content with minimal effort and minimal distraction.

But you ever wish to have this cool Experience on our favorite social networking site (it have to be) Facebook? From the fist day of using Pinterest i was thinking about it, after spending some time on Facebook ,The Timeline layout with two column becomes boring for many people.  So I’m going to share with you a wonderful app that will turn Facebook photos into a Pinterest-like grid. Isn’t awesome?
I don’t know about you, but I’m liking this application very much.

Friendsheet, created by Zachary Allia two months ago, is a web application I’ve come across today. The app will let you browse your Facebook photos and your friends’ in a Pinterest style. It requires your permission to access your news feed, and once granted, it will pull all the photos from your Facebook news feed and display it on a separate webpage that provides the Pinterest-like photo browsing experience.
Take a look at the screenshot below. This is how my Friendsheet wall looks like. As you can see, it automatically pulls the captions and users’ comment, thus allowing you to comment and like/Share any photo right from the Friendsheet wall.

How To Turn Your Facebook Photos Into A Pinterest-Like Grid

my-facebook-photos-in Pintrest-view

All you have to do to get Pinterest-like browsing experience for your Facebook photos is , (It is very Simple)

  • Head over to Friendsheet website and click the ‘Login with Facebook’ button.
  • On the next page, you’ll have to grant permission for the app to access your Facebook data. It’s required to pull all the on-going photos from your Facebook news feed and display all of them together in a grid-like webpage.
  • Once you’ve granted permission, you’ll then see all the Facebook photos in a grid structure. Except for the navigation bar, Friendsheet and Pinterest look almost identical. At first you might think at a glance that you were browsing Pinterest website.
freedsheet option

At the top, there is navigation bar having menus – Home, Browse, Share Photo, Settings and Help. Hitting the ‘Your Album’ menu opens your Facebook photo albums in a grid. You can also add a picture right from the Friendsheet page by clicking on the ‘Add’ link across the top of the page. From the ‘Settings’ menu, you can hide comments and photos from the Facebook pages.
Note that it’s Pinterest for Facebook Photos so you’re not allowed to pin or repin photos over there. You can only like, share and comment on pictures on(Which are Options avalble in Facebook) the Friendsheet wall, and the ticker feed will instantly update your activity the same way it does conventionally. In a nutshell, it’s a visual snapshot of what your friends have been doing.
Only thing i was missing Facebook Chat, If this option was also in Frinendsheet ,Then i don’t think i will ever use Facebook From Facebook.com  :-)
You must try this wonderful application. Do post your comments about This

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