When URL shortner hit the internet everyone love to shorten the links so that it become easier to share long URL address on Twitter, Facebook and other website.Showing the original link of a short URL is important and handy[...].

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Think a situation when some spammers send you link in the short form and with the name of your friend or relative. You don’t know what’s it and thinking it’s a legitimate link you click and it makes the spammers access your system or create variety of problem and hard days for you ahead.

Now that social networks like Twitter have propelled shortened URLs into widespread use, people are more comfortable clicking through. However, there are still occasions in which you confront possibly dubious links.

So if you are not sure about any such link, the URL expansion services that will give you some peace-of-mind when browsing and could be very helpful to you.

What is Url Expander ?

Url Expander is a online tool for expanding short url  service which detect porn, phishing, spam, and malware content by providing you real source of short link

There are many URL expansion services that are available now Like ,

In all of this You just need to copy and past the short link in the text box and click Expand/Peel. Then you can see the original link of the short URL.

But I personally like a URL expansion service by a Security company Sucuri,
Which offers real URL and also safe options.


Simply head over to the site, stick in your short URL and wait for the verdict.As well as the destination reveal, Sucuri also runs the link through safe site checkers for extra peace-of-mind – which i told in the beginning :-) 

The URL Shortening services officially supported at this time are: bit.ly, is.gd , ff.im, goo.gl, nyti.ms, ow.ly, post.ly, su.pr, & tinyurl.com.

If you worry about where a shortened URL will really lead you then the View Thru Chrome extension can help alleviate that stress.You can get a “sneak peek” at the real links behind those URLs with the View Thru extension for Google Chrome.

Screen 2012.2.5 13-30-24.4

LinkPeelr also have a Google Chrome extension,

Install from here. (Only works with Google Chrome Browser) which helps you detecting the short links by just placing the mouse curser over the link.

Screen 2012.2.7 11-58-13.1

I hope this will be a very handy site have with now a days since short links are becoming very common these days and vulnerability though them have increased.  

Which one do you think is the best ? Or do you know some other one that you want to share with us, Then please share your comment.

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