VLC the most popular video player programs in the world (Thanks to the fact that it works and because it’s free) has finally reached its version 2.0 for both Windows and Mac OS X computers, and anybody can download it right away. (Click on the Download link Bellow )

What's new In VLC 2.0 ?


Answer is Plenty under the hood. But don't worry, the old standby can most importantly still play virtually anything you throw at it. VLC 2.0 comes packed with

  • Several hundred bug fixes
  • New HD formats
  • A new user interface
  • Experimental Blue-ray playback support
  • Enhanced speed
  • Added support for a number of file formats
  • Improved speed when decoding videos on multi-core-based computers and GPUs, as well as mobile hardware.


VLC 2.0 now adds iTunes-like cover art playlist view. You can access the cover flow playlist view by clicking the change playlist view button, present adjacent to search bar.

coverflow playlist


If you switch to playlist view while watching a video, it will show a video thumbnail preview in left side bar. Unlike previous versions, which show only the sample VLC cover art, VLC 2.0 displays the associated cover art, and if it doesn’t find one, it simply shows the live thumbnail preview of the video. You can double-click it to watch video in full-screen mode.


playlist video thumbnai main


Mac users will see the biggest immediate user interface benefit: VLC isn't ugly anymore!

The program's Windows 95-chic UI is gone, replaced with an Apple-y, single-window interface that'll match everything else on your desktop. It's smooth, simple, and comprehendible, for once.

Additionally, it includes Compressor and Specializer filters, track Synchronization panel, new video effects filters. VLC 2.0 supports Mac OS X Full-Screen mode, allowing you organize media collection without any distractions.

mac os x audio

[VLC 2.0 on Mac OS X Image Thanks - thinkdigit ]

WOW Fact about VLC was always be  “Drag a video onto the window, and it'll start playing” also in VLC 2.0

If you get all of this for free then for what are you waiting for ?  Go and download it.

Click Here To Download VLC 2.0 From Official Site

[ VLC is available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, GNU/Linux, and Android ]

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