Google’s Social Networking site Google+ Amassed with more than 100 million users (Update: most recent figure), and its growth hasn’t stopped. No one can doubt that Google is putting a lot of weight behind Google+. google-plus-tips-and-tricks
Tuesday’s we twitted about the announcement of the social network’s deep integration with Google Search (much to the ire of Twitter) is all the evidence that you need….

Update: According to Sources at Mashable,  Google+ network will hit 100.8 million users by Wednesday evening.

We covered some tips already like -Personalize your Google+ page URL with vanity URL and how to use “Find My Face” feature In Google+ ,
Here are some new Google+ Tips which you can make use of.

» Speedup Google+ Stream

Did your Google+ homepage (Main Stream) is loading very slow? For me it was very slow ,and many of my friends also sad  about it to me. 
The reason may be Gif images! It took most of the time to load.Google allowed gif support on Google+ probably thinking users would use it wisely and have fun. Yes, users are having fun bitching about rival Facebook and sharing Facebook slap images. It was fun initially but none likes to be bombed with these funky images all the time and making it very page very slow.

What I did :
(1) Here is what i have (you can also)done to mute gif images and make it Speedy,
Chrome extension you can mute all gif images on Google Plus stream. Install this extension and forget about animated images. This extension can just pause the image when you hit the ‘Escape’ key and it will still be available on your timeline just like any other image.

(2) Control your Google+ Stream: There will be friends(or Google+ pages) in your Circle Who post gif images regularly ,I you wish to block them you have the Wright to do so, But I will not Recommend to do so There is an another interesting way (without Blocking a friend)
First you need to Circle all users (also Google+ pages) who you don’t want to see on the main stream (Home page of Google+) to a new circle.
There will be a option to  how much do you like to see from this circle to the main stream when you click on the circle that you have just created.(see the image bellow)
g  scr    
Set it to minim, Select and set The circle containing users how’s post you more interested to see on your main stream to Maximum .By doing this cline up your Google+ Home page and Speed up loading. 
Next trick can make your hovercard more Eye Catching- 

» Get creative with “Employer” field,Add More Info And make it “A Mini-Bio” !

Get creative with your “Employer” field and use that to craft an eye-catching “mini-bio.” This then shows in your hovercard, which is often the only information someone on Google+ has in front of them to decide whether to circle (follow) you or not.
Make it really easy for more people to circle you by having a bio somewhat similar to what you may have on Twitter.
I’ve written a bio similar to the one I have on Twitter and included a link—though it’s not clickable.

Google  profile summary

How to do this :
First Go to Edit your profile —» select the employment section —» in the first "Employer name" box, write your bio and check the "current" box. Whatever you have written should now appear when people hover over your avatar, as in the screengrab above.
My last Trick in this Google+ Special post is very useful in users in both India and in US,

» Update Via SMS!

Google+ also support Posting via SMS Like Facebook and Twitter.Currently the feature is available only in To US and India and it allows for a surprising level of control over who can see the posts also.google-plus-test-300x234
How To Setup the Google plus SMS Posting System:
Go to Google+ settings, and Add phone number to Google+,
 That's it!. You have connected your mobile number with your Google+ account.
Note down the Special Google+ number. This is the number which you need to send your Status Updates via SMS.
Google plus Number or +91-92222222222 (in India) For US it is from your mobile phone.
When the Google+ SMS server received the SMS it will update your status in Google+ with a special Via SMS tag in the status. This Status is automatically shared with the people in your circles.

@[circle name]  - To share with a specific circle, append your post with @[circle name].

@extended  - To share with everyone in your extended circles , append your post with @extended.

@public  - To share your post publicly, append your post with @public. Public posts are viewable by anyone on the web.

@[email address] -  To share your post with a specific person, append your post with @[email address]. For example, “In SF for the week @www.linkstoweb.in@gmail.com” will be visible to www.linkstoweb.in@gmail.com.

This are some of the few tricks and tips that i recently found in Google+ ,Hope this may help you also :-) 
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