Here is a good news for all Linkstoweb readers ,To day we introduce  a new loyalty program called “Linkstoweb Rewards” : for all you loyal readers and visitors.you can earn points by doing the things which we already doing-  visiting Linkstoweb every day, tweet post or clicking on Facebook Like, etc.   

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Get Started

First Visit our Facebook Page to Know Your Point Status And Your Reward

What is Linkstoweb Rewards ?

Like I sad It is The New Loyalty program Introduced for Linkstoweb readers.It works by Earning Loyalty Points

Earn “Linkstoweb Loyalty Points“ for:

Screen 2012.1.12 20-2-32.3   Daily visits.
         » First visit to Linkstoweb every day you will earn 100 points.
Screen 2012.1.12 20-3-3.4  Liking our post and Sharing it on Facebook.

        » Liking  content–For first Like on Linkstoweb every day you will earn 100   points.
Screen 2012.1.12 20-2-48.0  Tweeting Our post on Twitter.
        »  For Tweeting Poston Twitter every day you will earn 100 points.
Screen 2012.1.12 20-3-17.7  Giving +1 to Post.
        » For +1 every day you will earn 100 points.
Screen 2012.1.12 20-3-33.6  Commenting on Post.
       » For posting Comment on post you will earn 100 points
(There will be Many more ways to get points are to come!)
Update: Testing New Earn Badge System …Available very soon.
Now the most interesting part …..

What can you do with this points?

(Or How to get $15 Groupon Gift Card and many more Rewards)

Click on the red "Rewards" ribbon in the far, down Right-hand corner of this page. (If you're using IE, you might have trouble seeing it. If so, try Google Chrome or Firefox.)
Linkstoweb Rewards

After you reach a certain points level, You can select from Gift card and redeem their points.
Click on the Catalog to see how many points more you need to get the Rewards.
Rewards catalog
So Enjoy Linkstoweb, Earn points , Get Rewards :-)

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