Some people get their news from TV, some from radio. Some folks still catch up with the world by reading the morning paper with their coffee. Me? I tap into Google Reader.

The most obvious benefit of an online reader like Google Reader is that no matter whose computer or mobile you're using, you can access your feeds from the same interface, with the same items read, unread, starred, and tagged, as long as you've got a browser handy. Aside from that, Google Reader really gains loyalty with its robust keyboard shortcuts, search, and tagging features. If you're using Google Reader but you haven't yet taken advantage of all it has to offer, it might be time you got good with Google Reader.


The Keyboard Shortcuts

At over 200 RSS feeds a day, I wouldn’t get through them all without keyboard shortcuts. When going through the new feeds, my two favourite keys are J and K to go up and down the list, opening each one as I go. Pressing R refreshes the whole page, pressing S stars the item you’re on and Shift-S shares the item. There are many more shortcuts but these are the ones I most use on a daily basis.

Google Reader Mobile

How do you read news feeds on your mobile phone? If you use Bloglines to manage your favorite feeds, you'll go to Bloglines Mobile.
If you use Google Reader, you'll definitely try Google Reader Mobile. There are two ways you can reach Google Reader Mobile: 1. Go to http://www.google.com/reader/m on your mobile phone.
2. From your computer:
add Google Reader gadget to your personalized homepage.
From your mobile phone: visit google.com, select the 'Personalized Home' link, then sign in with your username and password.
You can restrict Google Reader to a feed, to a label or you can view the latest feeds. If you click on a post (or type the corresponding digit), you'll read the text from the feed. Any link from the feed will be treated the same as Google Mobile Search does: Google automatically translates (or "transcodes") these pages by analyzing the original HTML code and converting it to a mobile-ready format.

Google Reader Notifier

provides a pop-up window notification for new feeds. Fairly self-explanatory.
Auto-add feed to Reader: this script bypasses the intensely annoying page where you have to choose whether to add the feed to your personalised Google page or to Reader. This automatically adds the feed to Reader without asking.

Are you Using Google Reader ? What Did you like most on it ?
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