India’s tablet space is heating up after a new low-cost device aimed at schools and young students launched in the country. 


Classpad, produced by Classteacher Learning Systems- touted to be a competition for Aakash, the world’s cheapest tablet, is conceptualised to customise education in a way that every student can be reached and participate in the process of learning.

With the Indian education sector, experimenting and adopting newer technologies to impart education, the Classpad can catch the fancy of the Indian schools along with its better features compared to Aakash and its in-built intelligence facility in which can help categorise students as fast, average and slow learners.

With a starting of 7,500 INR (circa $140) and going up to 14,000 (around $265), the three Classpad tablets are more expensive than the government sponsored Akash, which retails at $45, but its maker believes that it has more benefits.

Like the Akash, the Classpad runs Android 2.21.3 Ghz processing speed and its built-in memory can be expanded from 4GB to 8GB while its 6 hour battery life and touch screen interface are superior too, according to the company.

The Classpad is aimed at school children aged from 3 to 12, and it has been made available to 1,500 students across a number of schools in India. The company is planning to deliver an additional 2,000 devices, while Pande reveals that it will “start booking tablets for the masses” within a month, bringing it into competition with the Akash, and its second generation brother.

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