Pinterest, the recently launched project that lets you find interesting contents on the web and pin them on your pinboard, is one of the most visited social networking website, than Google+.



Techcrunch Recently posted about  Pinterest Hitting 10 Million U.S. Monthly Unique Faster Than Any Standalone Site Ever.

So What is Pinterest any way ? And How it is useful to you ?

Pinterest is a new service that lets you Pin the contents that you find interesting on the web or you can upload your pictures, videos and pin it to let people discover and pin it (share it) to their Board.

Pinterest users will have their own Pinboard to pin the interesting contents they find across pinterest.com, web and they capture on their camera.

Pinterest has just announced the end of its beta phase to readers of its adorably named “Oh, How Pinteresting” blog:

  • We’re really excited to have the capacity to offer Pinterest to more people and if you’re a Pinner with friends who’ve been waiting on the sidelines, we hope you’ll let them know.
    Happy pinning to everyone! "

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» Is Pinterest Designed for Me ?

Pinterest will surely be useful for many, because it just organizes the contents really that good. Incase, if you plan for a wedding, then pinterest will let you search for pins that is relevant to wedding and things you got to add for wedding. You do a web search for wedding cake designs and pin them right on your Pinboard.


For Example Check out my Inspiring Social Media Pinboard to find new interesting things on social media

Lets see some quick highlights of Pinterest and let me show in what ways i called it really HOT one ;)

  • Like and Share the Pins that you find Interesting.
  • Comment about the Pins on your Friends Pinboards.
  • Now you can Plan a Wedding, Redocorate your Home, Find your Style, Save your Inspirations, Recipes and lot more to do



Its really an easy way to organize and share the great things that we find on the web. While using it for the first time, you will feel like confused. But after few times then pinterest will become so friendly to you and i believe that they still needs some workout to be done with the UI for newly registered users.

» Pinterest on Mobile

Pinterest-for-Android-and-iosThere is an official iphone app available.


Pinterest recently released it’s official Android App for Android Phones which is available on Google Play Store.


or you can use the mobile web version at m.pinterest.com

» Pinterest Invite

Pinterest has just opened registration to the public after two years of requiring an invite to join. Anyone can now sign up with Twitter, Facebook, or just an email address.


Thanks for letting me share what I've learned and loved about Pinterest.Here is My Pins On Pinterest Hope to see you there soon!     Follow Me on Pinterest

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  1. Pinterest has just opened registration to the public.
    Anyone can now sign up with Twitter, Facebook, or just an email address.

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