YouTube announced the release of YouTube for Schools, a control mechanism which limits students to educational content on campus networks.


YouTube can be a very engaging education tool. There is just one small problem in giving kids YouTube access! The children might indulge in watching content which don't suit their age.
To avoid any kind of distraction for kids YouTube has now launched 'YouTube for schools'. This site www.youtube.com/schools blocks most YouTube videos and will give access to only education content.

This site allows teachers to customise and restrict what their students can see. Teachers can pick the educational videos from YouTube's destination site called YouTube education. This site has around 4.5 lakh educational videos. Once these videos will be moved to the school site they will have no related videos and neither will they have any comments section.

Lot of schools are now moving to smart classes and integrating technology in their curriculum. A school in Mumbai recently asked all its students to buy iPads.

Most of these schools restrict access to YouTube in classes and libraries fearing that students will end up watching offensive content.
This YouTube's new site might just revolutionize the way we teach in our schools.
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