While Facebook allows page owners to create vanity URLs of the structure facebook.com/YourName,Google does not currently do the same.



By default, Google+ page URLs look like this:

And this URL is Almost impossible to remember,  
It seems likely that at some point Google will allow for personalized page URLs, but until they do, there is a service that can help.

At http://www.gplus.to/, you can create a custom URL like http://www.gplus.to/Linkstoweb , which will redirect a user to your page.


You just need to ‘Choose a nick name’ (Name of branded or organization) And ‘Google+ ID’ which appear on your Google+ page .(see the image)

This link is more user-friendly and branded for your business or organization. When it comes to branding yourself on social channels, a little vanity is OK!

Please give your comments about this 

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