Twitter has just announced a major platform design overhaul, simplifying elements and insuring consistency across twitter.com, TweetDeck, and mobile apps.Download-All-New-TweetDeck-from-the-Mac-App-Store-2

Twitter also introduced three new buttons at the top of the page — Home, @Connect and #Discover. @Connect shows who has mentioned you and suggests some accounts you might want to follow. #Discover shows what’s trending and points you to notable stories and videos.

Twitter is focused on helping people to understand what you can do with the service, so it is introducing a set of explanations for the icons:

Screen Shot 2011 12 08 at 11.48.33 AM 520x106 A new version of Twitter is coming, and you can get it now

As you can see, the sometimes-confusing idea of a #(hash)tag is now being labeled as Discover, but Twitter has taken the discovery idea a step further:

here’s the official introductory video to the redesign:


Feature i Like most in the spanking NewTwitter  is option called “embeddable tweets” , The feature makes it simple for folks to pull tweets from Twitter and paste them, with all It’s reply, retweet, favorite and follow options, elsewhere on the web.

To do this you first need to navigate to a tweet’s permalink page via the New Twitter (you’ll want to click on the “Details” option on the tweet), and then select “Embed this Tweet” to grab the proper HTML code.




Leave your comments below and tell your likes and dislikes about the Twitter’s new design. Also, don’t forget to show your love. Click your favorite social media button in the left to share the post with your friends and family.

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