With Christmas and New Year on the corner , it’s time to spread happiness and cheer. Share the festive spirit with your dear ones and send them your heartiest greetings with our E-cards.  E-Card

There's a lot of websites out there that offer great free E-cards, and here are my picks for the best on the Web.


1. Rattlebox  

Rattlebox offers a lot more than the typical E-card you might see on most sites - it's all video here. Simply select a video you like, personalize it, and send.

More about Rattlebox

2. Yahoo GreetingsYahoo-Greetings

I've used Yahoo Greetings for years. You can choose to sign up for the more expensive E-cards, or you can just do what I do and scan for the little "free" text under most of these E-cards. Funny E-cards, free birthday E-cards, Christmas E-cards, and more.

3. someecards


If you're looking for an irreverent, hilarious, and sometimes off-color ecard to send to someone, then someecards is your best bet.

More about someecards

4. Postcard.fm


Customize and send your own free E-cards with your own images, music (mp3 files only), and messages.

More about Postcard.fm

5. WrongCards

These are not the run of the mill E-cards that you'll find here - WrongCards is full of silly, tongue in cheek messages that you can send to friends and family.

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6. Hipster Cards 

Lots of vintage, "hip" cards here with great designs and images; includes plenty of humor from high right down to the lowest of the low brow.

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7. Smilebox

Smilebox is one of my favorite spots for free E-cards on the Web. You can choose from hundreds of interesting designs, add your own photos, videos, music, and messages, and then email it, blog it, or print it.

More about Smilebox


8. Pingg 

Simple and stylish, with many designs available. You can use Pingg not only for free E-cards, but also for online invitations, announcements, and party planning.

More about Pingg

9. MushyGushy


Select a card or animated video at MushyGushy, and then you can upload a head shot of you or someone else to complete the ecard. It's a fun way to personalize your message.


  More about MushyGushy

10. eCardica

eCardica has a wide variety of free E-cards available, anything from Fruits and Vegetables to Ancient Cities to Famous Quotes. Most of the cards on the site are free; they also have announcement, birthday, special occasion, holiday, love, and many more varieties of E-cards. If you'd like to become a member of eCardica, you gain access to a lot more fun tools and services, such as a reminders service, contacts, and calendar.

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Which one you Liked most ? Do you have any New suggestion Please Give Your comments

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