This post helps you to get  a Memorable Friendly Link For Your Facebook Page/Profile! By default, facebook-url-shortener2-300x223Facebook Pages and Profiles have URLs is very big and look like they got in a fight with a can of alphabet soup (and lost!) 

For example a person with name abcdef has a url:
But there is a very useful feature inside Facebook that will let you pick a username for your profile so that the new Facebook URL will become something like<your_name>

How to get ‘’ or ‘’ vanity URL ?

Now after all that Facebook has finally opened up (Both & works same) vanity URL for it’s user. But the question is how can you get that ?
The answer is very simple, “By doing Nothing” !

Facebook is pointing to . That means you can use vanity URL without doing anything. I think it will be a good move for user, specially page owners. is 6 characters less than It will be more easier to remember URL than And it is easy to share the link. 

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How to make short URL for your Google+ page works same like this. That is . Also this can be used for both facebook profile and facebook Fan Pages.
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